Our Products

Our Products

Different by Design

ORGANAMAX® is a liquid soil amendment containing a select blend of beneficial soil microbes. The proprietary mix of bacteria, fungi, and archaea mimics the naturally occurring symbiotic relationships between plant life and microorganisms.

Specifically, ORGANAMAX® contains beneficial soil microbes that work to decompose organic matter while also participating in the plant nutritional cycle. The microbes in ORGANAMAX® work hand in hand to increase nutrient absorption and utilization in the plant; the healthy plant then provides nutrition back to the microbes to complete the necessary cycle of symbiosis.

ORGANAMAX® also complements existing fertilization programs and processes to further maximize plant health and growth.


Bacteria Species


Fungi Species


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Why Choose Us?

What makes ORGANAMAX different?

ORGANAMAX® is one of the few products on the markets with a microbial population that symbiotically works together as they do in nature.

ORGANAMAX® has maximum efficacy. Single source products do not achieve the symbiotic effect of multiple species in improving plant growth and soil conditions, thus they have limited efficacy.

ORGANAMAX® enhances existing fertilization program and processes.

ORGANAMAX® is approved by the Texas Organic Research Center.