Frequently Asked Questions

Get to Know Organamax

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Healthy, organically sufficient oil compacts in the hand and has a moist texture that can be molded. The bacteria works to decompose organic matter, fixate nitrogen, and reduce soil salinity. All of this is important because it creates naturally fertile soil, maximizing nutritional programs and making nutrients more readily available. Increasing the biological content of a soil’s ecosystem makes it more permeable, allowing the soil to absorb water and encourage healthy populations of microorganisms that metabolize fertilizers and nutrients that were previously unused.
Yes! Our microbial products are used for organic food production on farms throughout North America and Latin America.
A common misconception, OrganaMax is NOT a fertilizer. It is a biological soil conditioner that works by metabolizing organic matter and minerals in your farm’s fields. Our innovative microbial products makes more food and nutrients available to your plants, which in turn increases the fertility of the soil.
OrganaMax relies on two different mechanisms to reduce the effects of salts in soil, which leads to soil salinity. The first occurs rapidly and the second more gradually, reducing the actual salinity of your top soil over time. We encourage you to contact Secure Extreme for a more detailed explanation of how our products reduces soil salinity.

Generally speaking, the amount of OrganaMax required will depend on the type of soil you have, any specific soil issues, climate, and the quality of your water resources. We recommend initially treating soil quite aggressively – use 40 ml’s per gallon – and sustaining this rate for at least two or three irrigations. In doing so you will be encouraging rapid population of microorganisms in your soil, laying the groundwork for them to begin remediating nutrient depletion issues and metabolizing toxins.

Please refer to our application guidelinesfor crop specific suggestions.

No. In fact, we have had customers with problem areas use OrganaMax at 5 times the recommended rate on a weekly basis to remediate challenging soil conditions.

Once a healthy bacterial base of active microorganisms within the soil has been established, you may be able to reduce your application of OrganaMax.

Yes, OrganaMax is 100% organic and is composed of water, bacteria, fungi, archaea, and algae.

No. Our microbial products are not toxic or dangerous, nor do they require any special licenses or haxardous materials handling procedures or equipment to use. This product will not corrode surfaces or react chemically.

OrganaMax helps break down fertilizers, phosphorous, and fixates nitrogen to make nutrients more readily available. As a result of absorbing nutrients more efficiently, plants require less, reducing cost for growers.